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Carolyn GrayHi, I am the e-Formation Queen (aka Carolyn Gray), but I am also a wife (over 20 years) and a mother of two wonderful sons. In addition to loving God and my family, I love life, laughter and happy endings. I also love TALKING, writing, helping and encouraging people, as well as giving advice – whether you ask for it or not! If I find answers or solutions, I MUST share them – whether face-to-face, by video or e-mail. If I don’t share what I learn, I sometimes feel as if I might explode, which leads me to bombard my family and friends with unsolicited advice. In fact, my youngest son has dubbed me an Oprah-wannabe and accuses me of overloading everyone with information. Instead of being insulted, I must admit HE IS RIGHT!

That is how the concept of “e-Formation”: Encouraging, Empowering and Entertaining Information communicated or delivered via e-mail, e-books, the internet or social media that answers many of today’s pressing questions (e.g., How Do I Find Mr. Right, How Do I Make Marriage Work, How Do I Lose Weight and Keep it Off, etc...) came to me, and because of my crazy queen complex, the e-Formation Queen was born. So, this website and my eFormationQueen channel on Youtube are the perfect outlets for sharing ALL the e-Formation I could ever dream, and hopefully it will be a blessing to you all!

Dreaming Extraordinary Dreams

While the e-Formation Queen is a fan of happy endings, she is no stranger to adversity and struggle. Originally from Augusta, GA, she grew up in less than royal conditions in a projects called Underwood Homes (an area commonly referred to as “The Bottom”) during the 70’s and 80’s. An only child raised in a single-parent home after her mother divorced her alcoholic, abusive father, her childhood was marked by sadness and isolation as she dealt with the ill-effects of an absentee father, limited financial resources, discouragement, negative influences, as well as the devastation of sexual molestation… All of these were contributing factors to early-on battles with weight and self-esteem.

Regardless, in the midst of these struggles, she was always dreaming extraordinary dreams… Wanting to do more, be more and see more. The question she was often asked by family and friends was, “Who do you think you are?” At the time she didn’t know how to answer that, but she knew that whatever life had to offer, she wanted it! A degree? Sure, why not! A successful career in corporate America? Of course, bring it on! A handsome, loving husband and a couple of kids in the suburbs? You bet! She saw people on television with those things and more, so why not her????

Making Extraordinary Dreams Happen

Without firsthand examples of what she wanted to do and be, television shows and books became her blueprint. This blueprint, as well as the undying belief that with God’s help you can accomplish any good thing, and a willingness to walk by faith and not by sight actually worked! She graduated from Clemson University (where she met her husband) in 1989 with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Since then her career has mainly been in the field of information technology, working for companies such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Price Waterhouse Coopers, SAIC, MCI, Nextel, Sprint, the Department of Labor, as well as Fannie Mae. She also added “author-preneur” (part author and part entrepreneur) to her resume with the publication of her first book, The Black Woman’s Guide to Beautiful, Healthier Hair in 6 Weeks! in 1999 (a second edition was published in 2003). Next came a line of hair care products, Healthier Hair in a Bottle, and her last book was Secrets of a Skinny Jean Queen®: A 7-Step Guide to Help You Eat & Act Like You Have Some Sense was published in 2010. Her next publishing efforts include Secrets of a Lean, Mean e-Formation Queen: An Autobiographical Guide to Looking and Feeling Your Best at Any Age and a series called “e-Books by the e-Formation Queen”. Oh yeah, she and her handsome, loving husband live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with their two sons!

Love, Peace & Extraordinary Blessings,

Carolyn Gray

     a.k.a. The e-Formation Queen

Nothing Is Impossible

Isn’t it wonderful that where a person starts in life does not determine where they end up? Would you have guessed that this is my story? Well, it is.

Even though I might have chosen a different childhood/circumstances, I truly believe if I didn’t live through the struggles I did and had the chance to find out what desperation tastes like, I would not be the queen I am today. Also, my story would probably be pretty boring, and I would not have as much encouragement and advice to offer. However, because of my struggles,

I have MANY stories to share and millions of reasons why you should never, EVER give up or let anyone talk you out of your dreams.

This is one of the reasons why I sometimes also refer to myself as the queen of unsolicited advice… Because I literally have to remind myself not to give advice or input that wasn’t asked for!  As you might have guessed, one of my dreams is to be to the internet what Oprah is to talk TV.  Just like Oprah, I want to help extraordinary people around the world, like yourself – letting you know that you are not alone in whatever you are trying to achieve/overcome.  

One of my greatest desires is for you to experience healing and/or success in any area where you may need it, and I am here to help in any way I can, be it e-formational videos, books or products.

So thanks for visiting my site. I pray that it, and the resources it provides, add value to your life. Also, as you use the e-formation and share it with others, I look forward to hearing from you, as well as working with you to make extraordinary things happen for us and for extraordinary people around the world as well!

You are a masterpiece in the making… Your true greatness yet to be revealed.

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